Thursday, March 20, 2008


Ok. So. It's been a wee bit wet lately. Um yeah. Like, um, multiple inches upon inches wet! So wet, in fact, that our basement flooded for the first time ever in the four years we've lived here. Our sump pump couldn't keep up with the water. YIKES.

Guess what we spent last night doing? Ripping up sopping wet carpet and carpet pads. Moving furniture. Moving boxes. Sopping up water with towels, mops, and wet vacs. Freezing toes. It was NOT a fun evening. Ok, well, it kinda was! We had some maaaavelous friends who came over to help work on the sump pump and to help us pull up carpet. Couldn't have done it without them, honestly.

But hey, it's all goooood! Because it's spring break! And I'm headed home next week. Wait---aren't I home now? As TPJ would say-"Duh!" Of course I'm in ONE home now, my current home. But the home of my childhood, the home of my deep down---that would be in Georgia, thank you very much! Haven't been home since Christmas, and believe me, I'm looking forward to it.

Job is good. Very very very good! I'm settling in with my co workers, getting in the groove again. Not that I wasn't before, but some invisible barrier has been broken, ya know? Where I was just listening to conversations, laughing at the right times, inserting a comment here or there, I am now contributing to conversations, making people laugh, and my comments are becoming anticipated. :):) I think it's a good thing.

I'm a bit crabby this week, despite the, or perhaps because of, the excitement of going home soon. I've been ill this week, which never helps. But all is better now. And hopefully I'll be nicer tomorrow!

OH---and Starbuck??? The child is, according to my mother, an awful lot like me. My red hair will shortly turn grey, I'm sure. Between her and TPJ, I'm gonna either go crazy or burst with pride---which one will happen first, I dunno!!! All I know is that my children are the apples of my eyes.

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sarah cool said...

yay, update!! pictures of da *buck, please... :) :) also TPJ!

i am so glad you hit that comfort level at work - i know exactly what you are talking about. for me, it was when i felt comfortable wandering around, just chatting with people on my floor.

love you!