Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Are you ready??

What do you get when you cross a very deep pothole (not your average pothole) and a close to the ground fun to drive Mazda 3????

Figure it out yet??? NEW TIRES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

About 40 minutes into my trip to Georgia yesterday, I hit one such pothole, in one such car. Chunks outta both front tires. I had two police officers out there trying to help me change a tire (we didn't know there was a chunk out of the other tire yet). Couldn't do it between the three of us (wheel might have been bent) so one of the very very very nice Kentucky Police officers took me down to a truck stop (daughter of truckers, its where I feel comfortable) where I made calls to my Roadside Assistance program. Waited for the tow truck to come get me and return to my car---and then go to the tire store. Oh-- and did I mention that I had two children with me? TPJ and Starbuck were in fine form. Really. They were terrific.

So, five hours later, we made it back on the road. With four new tires and a precisely aligned front end. Nice. Made mountain driving fun.

Got in about 11.30. Starbuck decided to wake up completely. I put her in bed with me (something I hardly EVER do) and got the treat of her wiggling all around the bed all night. Little stinker. TPJ, of course, slept like the dead. Siiiiigh.

But I'm home. And the weather is nice. And the cats are huddled by the back door, looking for food. Couldn't ask for much more---except maybe sleep. :)


SWAD said...

Simlar things happen when a Saturn SL2 runs over a very large pothole - two brand spankin' new tires! Glad that everyone is okay and that you're able to spend some time at home.

Melissa said...

Very fun low to the ground cars are sometimes not so fun, glad you guys made it okay! Have a fantabulous time!! Let us know when you get back....

Mel said...

Ooh fun! Which did Aaron think was worse of the three things you have done to his vehicles:
this, the christmas tree, or the ziploc baggie incident? Love you!

Anonymous said...

it was good to see you daughter, was missing you muchly. i am even more convinced "little bit" is you all over again, well, almost :) the young jedi knight is growing up quick! love ya'll, miss you already, mom