Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Too Old, Apparently

So I teach Headstart. I love it. I love being active with my kids. I love playing, drawing, singing, dancing, etc. I love playing in the gym.

So yesterday, we were doing somersaults. One of my subs said, "Can any of you do a backwards somersault," to the children. Nobody could. So of course, silly me said, "I used to be able to do them, let me see if I still can."

I can't. Nope. Oh, I got over and all, but I almost broke my neck in the process. My back has this funny twinge in it now. Yeah. I'm a bit dumb at the best of time.

Now I have to go get ready for the afternoon session. I don't think I'll do any somersaults with them today. Or tomorrow. :)


Mel said...

Backwards somersault hey?? Wow, that was mighty courageous of you! You'll have to show me sometime :P

Queen Elaine said...

yeah....I wanna see that too! :)