Sunday, April 13, 2008

Lord, Send Me!

Here I am, Lord send me.

Yesterday a group of us from church were out at a friend's house, doing yard work. This friend is a single mom who works hard and rarely has any spare time. Her yard has suffered because of it. A neighbor called the city and reported her yard as an eyesore. So we helped her make it less sore. :)

While we were working, I was talking with another fellow worker and telling her that it frustrated me that the neighbor would call the city instead of first talking to our friend, or offering to help. We agreed taht it was the way of the world, but that hopefully our work would be a witness to the neighbors.

As we worked, we came around to the topic of going where God ahs called you. This friend, J., had spent many many years in the mission fields. I asked her how she knew that she was supposed to go. She said, "You know, it's funny. I never received a 'call.' I just knew that I had to go. I thought about the verse in Isaiah, where God asks for a volunteer and Isaiah says that he is willing." She then went on to say that we don't have to wait for the "call" in areas that we know God has already commissioned us--- such as spreading the Word, loving one another, etc.

Wow. She's right, ya know. (As TPJ --The Pantless Jedi-- would say). Too often, we find ourselves waiting for God. But are we really waiting for God? Or are we procrastinating? I know for me, it's procrastination. I already know that I should be talking to others about Christ, that I should be showing love in everything, extending grace as it has been extended to me. But still I procrastinate.

Here am I. Lord, send me.

I will continue to talk to God daily, to rest in His word, to seek His will. But I will also go ahead and take action, instead of procrastinating.

Our God Reigns.

Other notes of interest:
  • Our basement is mostly done. YAY! Looks wonderful, and I can see myself hanging out down there.
  • I started running again two weeks ago. I'm up to a half a mile without stopping. My goal is to be back up to my two miles a day by June.
  • My children are simply amazing. Every day they blow my mind.
  • Michael Johns!!!! NO!!!!!!!
  • I love Spring.

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