Monday, May 19, 2008

I'm ready

I'm ready for school to be over this year. It has been a heck of a way to jump back into teaching--- jumping in in the middle of the year into a class in turmoil. Not fun, I've decided.

I'm counting down the days. There are only four left before I have my summer break. Of two whole weeks. After that, I get to teach summer school. I'm actually looking forward to that. I think the lower key atmosphere of summer will be better than this craziness that has been the school year. The good thing is, summer school is only four days a week, and if I want to take time off, I can. I just don't get paid for the day. Works for me.

Ok. I'm thinking--- AGAIN, about retrying contacts. We'll see. I'm thinking maybe daily wear? I need something different. I have my fave pair of glasses. But the ones I use the most often? Well, let's just say that my fluffy cat, Cici, sat upon them. They're flattened. Yeah. Really. She might need to lose some weight. But hey, she's like 14--- she's allowed to be fluffy.

Installed an invisible fence for the dog yesterday. Did a bit of training with Mags. Poor baby got shocked about three times before she decided that she would listen to the beeping. Shock therapy was good for her--- calmed her down. She's laying down, asleep right now. Snoring.

I really should go to bed. I think I might. I'm a bit under the weather tonight. Oooo--- I'll go take a long hot bath before I head to bed. That would be perfect!!!!!!!!!!!

Night, dears.

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Queen Elaine said...

Hey woman! I haven't seen you in forever. I'm looking forward to seeing you dressed up Sat night!

Make sure you're feeling better by then!