Saturday, May 10, 2008


I don't really have a whole lot interesting to say, but I feel like writing. I was reading through old emails today and found a bunch from me to my SIL, April. She's awesome. I found a bunch from the early years of TPJ's life. Pictures, etc. Very interesting.

I did not shower til almost 1 pm today. That hardly ever happens. Now, I didn't sleep that long. Noooo. But I did lounge around in my bathrobe for most of the morning. That was nice. I even climbed back into bed for a while. That was even nicer.

TPJ is sick AGAIN. I feel like we've been fighting illness for a while now. He was on antibiotics for a while--- he had a fever and his tonsils were very swollen. But he was negative for strep. I didn't think it was strep anyhow, because he usually gets scarlet fever --- the happy rash that is caused by strep. Two days after that round of antibiotics, he's sick again, high fever, sore throat, tummy pain, hips hurting (isn't that odd?), terribly thirsty. So we called the dr. on call, and he said to take TPJ to Urgent Care. We did. Very brisk dr. He wrote a script for augmentin. Hopefully this will work, though I may call our regular dr. just to be safe.

Starbuck. Oh Starbuck. She's stubborn. She's beautiful. She's Starbuck. She's taken to grunting to get what she wants. No matter how we encourage talking and speech, she prefers to sign for what she wants or to grunt for what she wants. I'm happy that she's signing for things, but it's also frustrating that she simply signs "want" in the direction of whatever it is that she wants. :) Then you have to play the hot or cold game to guess what it is that she wants. What's really funny is that the way that she does "want" in sign language is also "milk" in ASL. For a while there, I was shoving cups of milk at her constantly. :) Silly me.

The school year is almost over. For this, I am grateful. I will never ever ever step into a classroom in the middle of the year ever again. Never. It has been a learning experience, to say the least.

I'm looking forward to expanding my South Main Design business this summer. That's my goal for the first month of summer--- I want to book four parties for the month of June and have a great time. I love the new pieces that we have out! I know that if I can just get my product out there and show people how pretty things are, I would have no problem selling things.

Hm. Nothing more to say. Life is in the details.

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Mel said...

Henry is doing just about the same, so don't feel bad. We try endlessly to make him say words, but he refuses. The only word he'll say lately is 'baby'. Everything is 'baby'. The cats, the car, his bed, a train, you name it. I figure he'll do it eventually....hopefully.

Miss ya lady, hope E feels better soon. I know D would love to see him.