Thursday, June 19, 2008

La la la la

"Mommaeey," is generally the first thing that I hear most days. TPJ usually calls out for me around 7 am, just to make sure that I haven't left the house without kissing him goodbye. Or getting him breakfast. Or listening to his dreams. Some days, I just groan and roll over to my other side. Other days I tell him to come climb in bed with me and cuddle with me. Soon I won't be able to invite him to do that. he's almost 6. Can you believe that??? He's almost 6!!!!!!!!! Where did the time go?

Anyhow. I'm in a much lighter mood this morning. Of course, I usually am in the mornings. :) Being one of those annoying, pesky morning people, I wake up and am immediately alert and awake. Well, most of the time. Some mornings I'm not quite so alert. But 90% of the time, I am. And most of the time, I'm happy to wake up. You know, instead of hugging my Josephine Cow for (yes, I sleep with a stuffed cow, her name is Josephine, and I've had her for about 10 years---- you got something to say about it??? :):) ) just a few more minutes and grumbling about how early morning has come.

Starbuck--- please let me tell you about Starbuck. I know every mom thinks that their kid is the cutest--- but I happen to KNOW that Starbuck is the cutest little girl ever. Last night, we were at Skyline for supper--- it was a late supper--- I had been practicing a song that I get to sing in a wedding on Saturday (NERVES!)--- so the kids were STARVED. Well, ok, TPJ wasn't because I had the foresight to feed him a little before. Child is like me--- when he gets hungry, he's mean and cranky. But Starbuck, she was starving. She ate a whole hot doggy platter, most of Aaron's beans from his 5 way, and then, when TPJ was having a popsicle, pitched a royal fit until she got her own. The girl doesn't have a whole lot of verbal words, but she has no problem making herself understood. As soon as TPJ came to the table with his popsicle, Starbuck started grunting. When we asked if she wanted one, she started nodding her head vigorously. It was quite amusing. She's got such personality. I KNOW--- all parents think this about their kids. But I think Starbuck is destined for the limelight. I know that's hard to believe, considering her shy, retiring mother--- hehehehe. The child lives for attention and knows how to get it--- both in good ways and bad ways.

Do you know, that last paragraph is rather amusing to read? I'm all over the place! :) I think I need to go hop in the shower and try to deep condition my hair so that it doesn't frizz. Lately I've been letting my hair go natural-- curls galore. There's really no point in trying to straighten it--- it'll just curl up in the summer anyhow. :) It's at this terribly awkward stage where my bangs don't want to do anything, so I end up looking like a dork and pulling them back all the time. Perhaps if I deep condition the hairs, they'll behave. HA!

There's a reason this blog is titled Musings, Ramblings, and Babblings!. :)


Queen Elaine said...

First thing I hear most mornings, is, "mom I'm done pooping." I really need to get that kid on a different poop schedule.

Josephine Cow huh?

Jenette said...

I love my Josephine. I realize that I might be a TAD old for such a thing, but I honestly don't sleep well without her.