Friday, June 20, 2008

I don't know why I bother

I totally cleaned the house today. Well, almost totally. I didn't do the toilets. I hate cleaning toilets. But I digress. So anyhow. I cleaned. It looks good around here. Very good.

But now my nephews are spending the night. And in the morning, by the time I get out of bed, my beautifully clean house is going to be destroyed. I know this. I have to accept it.

TPJ has a tball game tomorrow--- well, today, in about 11 hours. I'm going to have fun taking the nephews and the Starbuck to the game. Anyhow, TPJ is showing some proclivity towards tball. I think he likes it better than soccer because he doesn't have to run as much. :) LOL. Like father, like son. The less sweat, the better. :) Anyhow, he can hit and throw--- we're still working on the catching.

I really need to get TPJ started in piano lessons. Soon. I want to have them lined up by the end of the summer. I want a piano. I want to take piano lessons again too. Not to mention Starbuck--- the child loves music. I think I finally have my child who likes/loves music as much as I do. She can be pitching a screaming fit and if I start to sing to her or put on some music, she stops and starts dancing. When I'm practicing my singing, she joins me--- in her own Starbuck way. Which is with lots of "aaaaaaahs." It's cute. But anyhow, I think that she might start learning music at a younger age. I hope so.

I have some deep thoughts running around up in my bead. Mostly about life and it's shortness and stuff like that. I think losing Great Grandma has really affected me--- she lived her life to the fullest! She didn't seem to take a day for granted--- she lived. I want to live. I want to serve. I want to live. :)

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Mel said...

My mantra is that I don't clean to keep it clean, but to GET it clean... decreasing the germ threshold. We miss you guys!!!