Sunday, June 29, 2008

Summertime Strep

My throat started feeling funny on Thursday. A wee bit scratchy. I attributed it to allergies, lack of sleep, dehydration, whatever. On Friday, it was a wee bit red, but nothing else. That evening, I may have had a VERY low grade fever, but not enough to keep me from going out to eat and having a relaxing evening with Aaron. Seriously--- for most people it wouldn't have even been considered a fever--- it's just since my body temp is freakishly low....

But Saturday. Oh Saturday. Very red, very swollen, and WHITE SPOTS! Bah. So I went to Urgent Care. My strep test was negative, but when the dr. looked at my throat, he said, "Oh yes, you have strep."

So here I am, on antibiotics.

But what's up with that? No high fever, no terribly sore throat--- just sore enough to let me know that something wasn't right. And a slight increase in my grumpiness. Ever so slight, because believe me, I'm a treat to be with, ALL THE TIME! (No comments from the peanut gallery, understand?) I mean, normally I'm Mary Sunshine (this is true, BTW) with a few clouds that drift by. But the past three days, I've been Mary Stormcloud with brief periods of sun. Stupid strep.

Aaron bent the lawn mower blade yesterday. Can I just say how glad I am that I did not do this? Because I would have gotten tons of grief over it! :) hehehehe

I love Goodwill shopping. That's probably about the only kind of shopping that I truly ENJOY! I can afford to go Goodwill shopping! And the things I find! Wow! I think I'm all set for my summer dresses. I hate shorts. Shorts never look good on me. (Aaron, your opinion doesn't count--- you'd have me wearing Daisy Dukes if you had your way) I feel uncomfortable in shorts. And when you teach little kids who have no problem telling you that your thighs are fat..... :):)

Ok, off to get ready for church. Not singing for the next two months. Sigh. I'll miss it, but I'm going to pray and focus on the Education ministries.


Rachel said...

Feel better Jenette.

Tyler and I feel your pain. We're both getting over our summer strep-ish messes.

Anonymous said...

Yuck. Hope you feel better soon Jenette!