Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Weezer and Clarice

If you know the pair in the title, then you are officially a true fan of the movie Steel Magnolias. Yep. I think I can quote almost all of that movie. In fact, I think I'm going to watch it again soon. Very soon.

I just caught up on bits and pieces of an old friend's life. I'll call her Tamika--- that's what I always called her. :) Anyhow, Tamika and I "broke up" about 7 years ago--- it wasn't an easy break up and Lord knows, I miss(ed) her terribly. We were at different stages in life and I didn't have the maturity to understand her life, to understand her heart. I didn't have the heart to try to understand her, because I was, I suppose, selfish. I hope that I have grown up some since those stupid years.

Tamika and her husband have been TTC (Trying to Conceive) for over 5 years. It makes our two years of infertility and the crap that we went through seem so trivial. But you know, I thank God for those two years--- I think that was when I missed Tamika the most--- and now I understand so much more what she went through when I told her I was pregnant with TPJ. While Aaron and I do have two children, faithful readers of my blog know that our fertility was not without its problems. If you want to read the story of our fertility treatments and the heartbreak that followed, please go to the Healing Moments blog. ANYHOW. I guess I'm trying to prove to Tamika that I'm capable of empathy and understanding these days. Along with rollicking laughter. LOL. Let me know if you're interested in a Steel Magnolia fest, Tamika.

I went through pictures today, looking for a kindergarten photo--- at work, we have our kindergarten pictures up on a board in our office. I know how funny mine looks, and for the life of me, I cannot find it. Maybe next time I go to Georgia, I'll find it in Gma's photos. Anyhow, in those pictures, I found some funny ones. I'm going to scan two of them sometime this week and put them on here. One is from my bachelorette party night. My goodness. I might have been a tad wasted. I also found some from when I was skinny. Very skinny. Sigh. I don't suppose I'll ever weigh 115 lbs again, will I? I'd have to drop almost 30 lbs to get there again. I don't know if I could do it. Or if I'd really want to do it. LOL. I love my food, you know. I can do moderation, but if I were to lose 30 lbs, I'd have to exercise religiously (more than my two miles a day) and eat sparingly. I've tossed around the idea of cutting out all processed carbs.... eh.... we'll see.

I love the National Geographic channel. My grandparents used to have shelves and shelves of NG magazines. I used to lay on the floor of Gpa's study, and go through the magazines. I loved the pictures. I think I used to play around with the idea of being an anthropologist because of NG. I also used to think it would be neat to be an archaeologist. I think I found my fascination for ancient Egypt as a result of reading about artifacts in National Geographic--- yes, I was a geeky young child. I love Taboo---- it's a culture show. I find that my world view is stretched when I watch the NGC.

Aaron just looked over my shoulder and said that I was really rambling on. It's true. I am. Deal.

OH!!! TPJ lost his first tooth this morning. It was so cute.... it fell out this morning, and as I'm getting dressed, he's sitting on the top stair, holding his tooth, singing, "This is the best day, of my life. This is the best day, of my life." Yeah. The tooth fairy better leave him something good. Like a dollar. Yeep. Inflation.

Speaking of TPJ, he has a consult with an Ear Nose Throat specialist next month. Child is on antibiotics AGAIN. Looks like those tonsils are coming out. But don't tell him. He kinda freaks out about it. So ixnay on the onsilstay. Got it?

K. Think that's it. I'm a wee bit thrilled to have heard from Tamika again. I hope I hear more.

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Tammy said...

*giggle* A tad wasted? Um, can we say understatement? lol

You know, I think we both had our share of blame in the whole “break up”. And selfishness was also a shared emotion. But we mature as we age, right? :o)

As far as experiences in TTC, my heart broke as I read your Healing Moments. I may have more years under my belt but I have learned a few things, too. Pain is pain. Everyone knows his or her threshold for disappointment and failures and what is hard on one person may not be as hard on another. When it comes to infertility, measuring pain only separates us from the support we can get from others who have been in the same position. I have only been on the getting-there end of TTC (sorta) and I can’t imagine the sorrow one must endure to lose a child so far into the pregnancy. You earned your stripes, trust me.

I missed your presence most when Mom died. Yeah, I had people around me that I am forever grateful to but you were definitely on my mind.

I haven’t read everything on this blog yet, but I can see that you are quite capable of a lot of caring emotions. And yes, rollicking laughter.

Oh, and I completely and utterly (the cow goes, "Moo") feel the pain of TPJ, literally. The good thing is he’s young and will probably heal a lot quicker than I did as a 23 year old. And does the Tooth Fairy follow inflation or does she still just give out quarters? :o)