Thursday, July 10, 2008

Were we really that silly?

So, as you might have guessed, Tamika and I have reconnected and are hopefully going to build a new and better friendship from the ashes of the old one--- I love the story of the Phoenix and use the analogy whenever I can. :) lol.

Let me give you a blurb from her blog.

Ever have one of those friends that you can just be silly with and you just don't care? You get looks in restaurants and theaters (because you are making up stories about the people in front of you and start laugh hysterically). People think that someone had let the both of you escape the asylum for the day. That is was me and my friend Jenette.

The laughter and tears came easy and the memories are every emotion out there. We learned from each other...
  • Always use paint striper before you paint over cabinets... and make sure that you ventilate the house when you paint, even in February @ 2 am.
  • Never take hand-me-down boyfriends... Only bad things come of that... (BTW, the boyfriend is still single and still the same playboy)
  • You can take the turn at Malfunction Junction at 65 miles an hour in a jeep
  • Little kids can be convinced that a petite redhead is a leprechaun
  • A movie can be "owned" between friends and it will forever remind you of that person
  • A good man can be found on the Internet... and they even make decent husbands
  • Deeply religious conversations cannot be had with any intelligence at 3 am by 3 goofy blondes, especially in Song of Solomon
  • The cow goes "Moo" (not says, the cow goes "Moo")

After 7 years of wondering, missing, praying, etc., a connection has been reestablished. My heart is full. I don't know what the path will be, how it will go, or where it will lead but I know that God will lead us both.

Oh, and Netters, I would positively love to have a Steel Magnolias fest and the chance to add more movie quotes to our repertoire.


I have missed many things about my friendship with Tamika. Ever had a friend who would give it to you straight, no sugar coating, and still love you? Yeah, that was Tamika. Ever had a friend who would go out with you to the store at 3 am and wander up and down the aisles..... even when you passed gas and let her walk through it??? LOL!! Ok, I might have been that nasty. Wait. I might still be that nasty. :) Just more refined.

Tamika was the one who said that Aaron and I were like Dharma and Greg. Yeah, that could be an accurate description some times--- free spirit meets buttoned up conservative. Except that I am a closet conservative too... LOL.

Every time I hear the song, "His eye is on the sparrow," I think of Tamika. I wanted to sing it once at church, but I could her her singing it in my head and knew that I couldn't do the song justice. That's one of the things that I loved about my friendship with Tamika. We both love(d?) to sing and our voices blended very well. (Now that I think about it, most of my closest friends and I have music in common. The love of all forms of music, the desire to serve through music...) It would be nothing for Tamika and I to be driving down the road, singing our hearts out to whatever we were listening to at that time.

Tamika helped me stalk a boy once. Or twice. Not realllllly stalk, mind you--- just check to see if he was REALLY back together with his ex girlfriend..... He wasn't even my boyfriend. I just had a massive crush on him. But still.

Denny's will always have a special place in my heart--- Tamika and I could go there at any time of night and hang out. Yes, we were sad individuals. :) LOL

Wow. Wow.

One of the things that I love the most and miss the most about Tamika--- she's one of my few friends who actually calls me by the nickname that I like the most and how I think of myself--- Netter(s). Yeah, in my mind, I'm Netter, sometimes NetterBetter. :) LOL.

To everyone else--- we are all blessed with the capacity for human relationships. Friendships. Some friends are in our lives for a short time, for a season, and some for a lifetime. Sometimes friendships end because you're in different seasons. Sometimes they end because we're too proud to admit fault. Sometimes they end because we're too blind to see the other's point of view. And sometimes they end just because we're stupid. But the good thing is, we can let go of our pride. We can get glasses so we aren't blind. Stupidity--- welll--- that's a bit harder, but there are plenty of books on friendships these days... So, if you're wondering about that friendship that ended, if you have that twinge of regret, if you have that bit of sadness inside of you--- pray about it. Maybe your pride is gone, your blindness is healed, and your stupidity has been rectified. Maybe theirs too. And maybe it's time to rekindle that friendship.

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