Wednesday, August 13, 2008

12:35 and No End In Sight

Holy cow. Why did I decide to be the teacher that goes above and beyond? Why?? Why am I the teacher that teaches summer school and makes each kid an individual memory book of their summer in our classroom?

It's 12:35 am. Tomorrow --- wait, today--- is the last day of summer school. I am currently printing out 12 books for my children. These books consist of pictures taken over the summer, and descriptions of the pictures. Why did I think this would be a good idea? Ok, ok, we all know it's a great idea. The real question is: Why did I wait til 11:30 to start printing them?

Well, I waited that late because of a few reasons. 1. I was finishing the books this afternoon. 2. I had a board meeting at church this evening at 6 pm. 3. Had a surprise party right after the meeting. 4. Had to "chaperone" a date that lasted til 10:30 pm. 5. Had to get more ink for the printer.

SO here it is, past midnight, and I am writing this while laying on the floor, my head down on the ground, hoping that my fingers are on the right keys, as my eyes are closed. Only about 100 more pages need to print. Sigh. Double Sigh.

My tailbone hurts. My heel still hurts.

And today, I did nothing but eat carbs. Stupid. I started the day out with carbs, something I haven't done in forever. This actually seemed to upset my blood sugar, as I was dizzy and shaky within an hour. So I had some more carbs. HA! Not the smartest move. Anyhow, I ate like crap today, didn't have a chance to exercise, and am now up way too late. Sometimes I wonder about my sanity. Oh wait. I have no sanity. Merely impulses.

Speaking of impulses--- Charity and I went to Wally World for the aforementioned ink cartridges.... how would I look with blonde hair? Bought hair dye, haven't decided yet if I want to do it. Not looking for people to tell me NOT to do it--- that'll make me run out and do it right away. Just looking for thoughts on what I might look like. Am I too pale to go blonde? Am I too redheaded to go blonde?

Frack. I'm going to go lay on the futon until the printer yells at me because it is out of paper.

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