Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Laurie Berkner

Aaron said I needed to post again. Said he was getting sick of the a$$ warning.

So here's a new post. Laurie Berkner's "What Falls in the Fall" in my head. And I think it's because the weather lately has been more like September than August. Which means that I've been absolutely happy. I'm not the biggest summer fan. I love fall. I love spring. I like about a month of summer, and I like snow in the winter. I hate just COLD winters. I'd like to have snow if I'm going to be cold, thank you very much.

I'm listening to the crickets. One of them is highly annoying. Everyone talks about the lovely, soothing sound of crickets chirping at night.... yeah, what about the lone cricket that can't seem to keep time with every other cricket. That's the cricket that keeps me awake at night. That's the cricket that makes me want to spray my whole lawn with bug killer.

Wonder if I've babbled enough. Wonder if the post title still shows up where Aaron can see it. Hmmm...


Anonymous said...

It's been nice here this week. Mainly hovering right around 70 during the day. Last night we were up by the lake and I had the kids in long pants and jackets. The leaves are beginning to turn already. I can't believe fall is encroaching upon us already. Can't WAIT to see you all!

Mellie Breen said...

Oops. Just so you know... it was me who wrote the comment