Thursday, November 06, 2008

Pneumonia Boy and Insomnia Girl

Between Aaron and Starbuck, sleep eludes me.

Aaron has either pneumonia or bronchitis. Yeah, I'm thinking pneumonia. Fever of 103, deep wracking cough.... the end result? Antibiotics and a hot hot hot body under the covers. And not in a good way either. He shivers because of the fever and wants to cuddle to get warm, but he's so HOT that it makes me sweat just to be close to him. I'm not heartless, I promise. Just uncomfortable.

And then there's Insomnia Girl. Starbuck has had these waking episodes the past few nights. Tonight started at 10 pm. Normally I let her cry it out. After all, she's a big girl. But her screaming tonight was different and she is getting two new teeth. So I gave her some ibuprofen when she started screaming. Put her back in bed. And she screamed. And screamed. And screamed. For over twenty minutes. So I went into her to pat her back. I ended up picking her up and laying down with her in the twin bed. She patted my face, laid on my stomach, pulled the covers over my face and hers, and did generally everything she could to stay awake. Occasionally, she'd cuddle long enough for me to fall asleep. And then she'd shift and wake herself up again. And me. Finally I'd had enough. So I put her in her crib at about 1:40. She screamed for 3 minutes and was OUT. Turkey child.

I'm tired. I'm the only one in the family and household who has not gotten sick from all the puking and other stuff that's going around this area. Let's pray it stays that way! :)

I'm on the couch now. Gonna leave the Fresh Prince on in the background (actually, right now it's George Lopez) and fall asleep.

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Anonymous said...

the only positive I am seeing right at the moment is that at least this is not all happening T-day week :), love ya, hang in there, Mom