Monday, November 17, 2008


Since my last post....

  • My son informed me that he learned in school that when girls sometimes say no, they really mean yes.
  • My daughter hijacked my coffee and refused to give it back.
  • I helped to saw off a cast iron piece in our fireplace.
  • I discovered a stash of cat crap.
Yes. All of the above is true.
The cat crap was the worst. Absolutely. It was under the basement stairs, behind a bunch of paint cans. I can only surmise that the cats used that area as a supplemental litterbox for the past three years. Nastiness.

And yes, I helped to use a hacksaw to cut off a piece of cast iron so we could attempt to insert the fireplace insert that isn't being inserted because it's **** annoying. (Insert expletive here)

Starbuck loves coffee. Way too much. She gets a little possessive of it.

And my son is learning early how to be a deviant. Sigh. Double Sigh. Not really. Seriously, it was just his observation about how women work at school. (He had a crush on a girl he had never met before... and she was his girlfriend... lol)

And finally. Prayers and thoughts continue to go to one of my most favorite friends in the entire world--- Murray---- and his family, especially his wife, Jamie. He just had a kidney transplant and our prayers are that everything will be fine. We'll continue to lift him up in prayers and my hope is that all of you who may still read my blog do so as well.

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