Sunday, December 14, 2008

Time after Time

Time passes so quickly, and there are always amusing things in my life to blog about. But today, I'd like to take a moment to write a book review.

The Doctor's Wife, by Elizabeth Brundage, is one of the most excellent books I have ever read. I picked it up at a book sale simply because the cover intrigued me. The cover had a house on it that looked forlorn, ramshackle, and isolated. I think I was in one of "those" moods when I picked it up. I anticipated a light read, with a bit of seriousness here and there.

What I got was an intensely written psychological thriller. A love story, a tragedy, a murder mystery, a twist of the plot here, and an unexpected ending there. A social commentary throughout the whole book that was subtly written. It wasn't a commentary that I necessarily agreed with, but I appreciated how it was written and what it had to say. Extremeism, fanaticism, they are as dangerous as apathy.

I don't want to tell you everything about the book. But trust me when I say that the characters are excellently written, the plot is divine, the ending is both unexpected and heartaching at the same time--- or it could be comforting and expected, depending on the reader's background.

Pick it up. A good book. A good read. A good thought provoking book without being preachy.

On a scary note. We lost Starbuck for a good two minutes today. We were coming into the house from the car. Aaron sent her with me. She was way behind me. I went in and put stuff down then went out to help Starbuck. Only she wasn't there. I asked Aaron if she was back in the car, where he was helping TPJ look for parts to a toy. She wasn't. I looked in the house. She wasn't there. It was dark outside. I went outside and started panicking. Calling her name. TPJ was helping, so was Aaron. And there she was, at the neighbors, wandering into their garage. I ran over and picked her up, my heart beating three thousand miles a minute. THe neighbor poked his head out, saying he saw her peeking in his windows. It was scary.

Needless to say, I held her tightly for a while.

Over and out, readers.

OH!! Murray, can you email me your's and Jamie's cell numbers again? I changed phones.

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