Saturday, October 31, 2009

So much, so much

My hair is CHOPPED!!!! Yay!!! For most women, a significant hair change signals a life change as well. I'l like to think that is the case with me! I'm plunging headfirst into my love relationship with God! I'm tired of just sticking my toes into this water--- I'm ready to experience being loved by the Almighty in a real way-- and to love Him in a real way too!

God created us to be loved, and to love! I love that! You can't be unloved--- your Creator loves you, He knows you by name! I am just humbled and awed by this thought!

Sigh. Ok. I don't want to preach in a way that would turn others from Christ--- but seriously--- we are so loved and treasured and cherished by our Creator!!!

Anyhow. Trick or treating tonight. For the third year in a row, I enjoyed hanging with my friend, passing out candy, while our wonderful husbands took the kiddos trick or treating. I love it when I get girl time, with a friend that I don't get to see very often. Life happens so quickly, doesn't it?

Fall seems like it might be here to stay. I'm happy about this, even though it means that I'm shivering right now! :)

Hmmm.... what else? Oh yes-- my husband is quite a great man! He knows how much it has bothered me to have the woodpile just stacked inside the house, with wood just THERE. So his dad made us a woodbox, per Aaron's request. Aaron just finished painting it, and the wood will now go in the woodbox!!! YAY!!!

I've had my hallway taped in preparation for painting it for about a month now. I might get around to doing that soon. Really.

Job situations are interesting around here. Mine is stable and good. Aaron, on the other hand, could use some prayer about direction and where God would have him in the next few months!

Ok. Done rambling. Here's my new hair!!!

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