Friday, August 26, 2005


Ok, so it's now technically Saturday. I have Saturday and Sunday, and then I'm a teacher again. Oh dear. For those of you who were wondering, I did start on my lesson plans. Started on them. I might be working on them for a bit more on Sunday. But that's ok, cause they have a shape in my mind now.

So I had to get a very very weird test done today. It is called an HSG, which stands for something like Hystersteriagram or something like that. Suffice it to say, it was not something I will be requesting in the future. I had dye squirted through my body and then was x-rayed. Not too bad, except for the preparation for the dye, and the leakage of the dye afterwards. Yeah. Not my idea of fun. I actually took something for the pain, if that tells any of you anything. The good thing about all of this is that my body is ok, no irregularities or anything like that.

I spent the afternoon on a friend's couch. She had knee surgery on the 12th, and is still on crutches, with a 15 month old son running around. She can't lift him, or hold his hand when he's walking, or do anything with her son that I take for granted. Even today, when it hurt to have Ethan on my hip, I could still hold him. I can't imagine how it feels not to be able to hold your little one's hand when you're walking together. I love holding Ethan's hand, and that little part of my heart just trips when he reaches out to hold my hand of his own volition and says, "I love you Mommy." So anyhow, Ethan and Aiden slept the afternoon away, and Mel and I had a chance to see each other before she moves to Vermont.

She and her husband Jerry and little Aiden came over to our house this evening, along with some other people that they know. It was good to meet new people, but more than that, it was good to spend time with old friends. We played some shooting games, I won one! :) Jerry and Aaron blew Paul and I away when we played teams. Growl. But then we began to play Simpson's Clue, and that was fun. I started thinking about how much I'm going to miss just having Mel within driving distance. Sure, she's lived far away before, New York and Toledo. But she was single then, and could blow with the wind, if you understand. Now she's got a fabulous family, and her place is with them. We didn't say goodbye, Aaron and I fully intend to go to Vermont to see them, and to vacation for us. :) But I did cry as they drove away from our house. All of a sudden, memories of parallel parking, Mr. Jim's Steakhouse for prayer partners, people vandalizing the apartment building pool, pranking the STE house, and many a sorority meeting, well they just overwhelmed me. I know that our friendship will survive. We've spent much of this year living inthe same town, yet too busy to get together beyond email and the occasional phone call. So I know we'll still email and still have phone calls. I know that I can still call her with mommy issues, health issues, and accountability issues. And she knows that she can call me and tell me about the neat things that Aiden is doing, and how it's going living north of nowhere. But gosh, how I'm going to miss her.

Anyhow. Cici want me to come to bed. Carl is stalking the computer light. Malcom in the Middle is making me giggle. And Aaron's standing there waiting for me to come upstairs. So, adios!

And Mel, I love you so very much. I will miss you more than either of us knows at this point. It's not a goodbye for us, but I am still sad that you're leaving. Take care. Call me. Im me. Email me. Comment on my blog to me.

Take ibuprofen when it hurts.
Have a ya ya sister who is a nurse.
Don't play Clue with people who are better detectives than you.

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Mel said...

Thanks for making me cry. I love you so much. ((((biggest hug ever))). Mellie