Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Isn't play doh neat?

Do you remember how Play Doh smells? Do you remember the texture of it on your hands, the way it feels when it gets under your fingernails? Do you remember how it makes your hands feel kind of dry and icky? I used to love Play Doh as a child. I loved the slightly salty smell and admittedly, the taste. I used to suck on Play Doh, and if that isn't weird, I don't know what is. I also loved creating my own sculptures-- which were never very good because I have no ability to to properly size things-- what's that called? Perspective? Something like that. But I had fun making them. And now I get to play with Play Doh all over again. Now, Ethan's been playing with PD since he was about a year and a half. From an educator's perspective, PD is great because it helps to strengthen fine motor skills, which are essential for writing skills. It also gives children a way to create and use their imagination, something that seems to be missing from many children's toys these days. From a mommy perspective, PD is is good when your child reaches the stage where they know not to put it in their mouth (although those of us who liked the taste of playdoh never reached that stage) and can keep it at the table. I write this as I am sitting cramped at Ethan's activity table and am rolling PD into snakes for him. One handed typing, one handed playdohing. Best of both worlds.

So anyhow. Ethan and I are now upstairs and I am trying to convince him that he wants to go outside and take a walk or bike ride with me. He's most definitely his father's son, because he keeps telling me--"When I'm finished with my computer game, mommy." Yeah. Three years old. Plays games on and is quite proficient at them. The downside is that he'd sit there and play games for hours if we let him. Have to limit that computer time as much as we have to limit TV time.

I want to go for a walk because we just ordered pizza for dinner. And if I take a walk, then I can justify that lovely cinnapie that comes along with the pizza tonight... you understand? I need to get my sweet tooth pulled some days. It causes me nothing but trouble and unsnapped waistbands. :)

We had some new friends over last night after dinner. It was so neat to get together with new people! She has an interior design degree, so I was a bit self conscious about my garage sale futon and slipcovered chair (the original upholstery is shredded, courtesy of Cici the smelly cat and Bob the no longer cat) and stuff like that. But whaddya know-- they weren't snobs at all and didn't mind my hodgepodge of a house :). Isn't that great? And since I know he reads my blog regularly, I figured I would include that we had a lovely time last night, especially when you and Aaron were discussing geeky stuff. So cute. :)

Ok. My five minutes is up. I told Ethan that in five minutes we were going outside to DO SOMETHING! So... farewell for now, might add something later.

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Mel said...

I love play-doh (and you)! I know I haven't updated my blog in a while, but I still read yours. Thanks for sharing such cute stories.