Saturday, September 17, 2005


The cat has been named. We asked Ethan for the final time what he wanted to name the cat, and he said "Joseph." This was not a name that had been discussed, but upon quick reflection, we decided that it fit, and have dubbed him Joe or Little Joe (to all you Veggie Tales fans out there, we will forever have the Oh Little Joooooooeeee" song in our heads....)

Today has gotten better. I cried a lot today. After each birthday party, I got in the car and turned the radio up very very loud and sang my loud song. Made me feel better. Of course, shopping therapy helped too. New makeup, new earrings, birthday pressies...My mother in law called and told me about all the furniture she's bought for the South Carolina home.... and I told her what to buy next that can be passed down to my house when they move back to Ohio. :) hehehehe. Shopping therapy by proxy. It's good. And, despite my raging ragweed allergies, I mowed the lawn, which really got my endorphins going, because I ran while I did some of the lawn.... our lawn mower is not self propelled, so I made it "Jet"-propelled (my family nickname is Jet, btw...) Aaron was laughing at me... eh, what can I say? :) I'm a little nuts, I guess.

Have a good evening.


Andrew said...

First! Commented first that is. I feel so special. Anyway, I just wanted to say I appreciate your postings. It helps me think about what is really important in life. I was feeling home sick today, but read your new postings and felt better. You have a great spirit that really can cheer a person up. Keep the blogs coming, I am a loyal reader.

Martiel said...

OK (so I am second best)I wanted to say in reading the part about you mowing the lawn is funny, I can visualize you running along with the mower in a flinstones way. Cute Jet.

Jenette said...

hehehe... it was kinda funny