Sunday, September 18, 2005


Yep. So, it's another day gone. Do you realize I've written in this thing a lot lately?Wonder what's up with that.

Thanks for you comment, loyal reader Andrew. It's the highlight of my blogging to see comments! Makes me feel appreciated! :) tee hee!

So, not a lot going on today. Did all the stuff I had to do. Then I went to half price books and bought books that I didn't really need.... but oh well. And I got this great great big Creative Resource for Early Childhood Education--- I think my friend Biz has it, because it feels familiar, and I was drooling over it. It's lovely. How sad is it that I get excited about fingerplays (Get yer minds outta the gutter, y'all) and circle time ideas? Sheesh.

Aaron's playing with the TiVo now. I'm chatting with a friend about liabilities and free speech. This friend always has something interesting to say to me, even when it's just a hi. I really enjoy talking with him, even when we disagree. Sometimes he disagrees with me merely to get me riled up. Sometimes we genuinely disagree. And a lot of the time, though I'd never admit it to him, he sways me over to his way of thinking.... --What a weak- minded individual I must be. Or what a strong- minded individual he must be. So, Anonymous, if you read this, I really like chatting with you, even when you chat me in circles. :)

Ok. Off to do whatever it is I do at 10:53 pm. Probably bed. After I clear it off. I cleaned out a shelf in the closet today. Now the stuff is on the bed. Sigh.

Nighty night!


Francisco Gonzales Conseco Martinez Juarvez D'Giorno said...

Circles are but for the reason we talk.

Jenette said...

ahh, how true, my dear francisco.

Francisco Gonzales Conseco Martinez Juarvez D'Giorno said...

Without our talking, there could not be the circles. Without the circles, there could not be the talking. Even the mouth, it is a circle. Even the sun, the moon, our Earth, our eyes that see the words, a circle.

Jenette said...

ahh, FGCMJD, this is the reason why I invest in our friendship. It always pays off. Hee hee l8r g8r.

Anonymous said...

I do have that book. We are too much alike! If you start crying, think about a certain person I told you about Friday!

sarah cool said...

Love you, Jenette! :) :) You're such a SWEET AND SASSY Sweetheart!!