Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Ok, so I went to dinner tonight with some ladies (17 of us, to be exact) and the topic of age came up. I mentioned that I was born in 1977... and they all looked at me and were like "You're only 28?" SHEESH! Do I look OLD? I laughed, and said, "um, yes!" They tried to tell me that they said that because I have a wisdom beyond my years, and I'm not flighty like many other people my age. WHAT?? What does that mean? Am I boring? Am I staid? Am I worn down? YIKES! Ok, not gonna let this get to me. Not at all. :) Really, I'm not, I just find it kinda amusing... for so long, everyone thought I was like 16 when I was really 25, and now that I'm a mommy, people think I'm older.... sigh. Does it ever make sense? Does anyone ever get to guess that I'm in my 20's? Or do I get to skip that decade forever?:):)

But hey, at least I got fried ice cream. Does it get any better than that? Mmmm.... ice cream, whipped cream, strawberry sauce, fried tortilla bowl slathered in honey on the bottom.... yeah, that was sinful, sensual, and delicious! Even tho they forgot about my dessert order for a while, and I had to sit and drool while Lauren and Dede ate theirs, and Tammy and her mother ate theirs across from me..... I almost jumped across the table and snatched some whipped cream off of Tammy's spoon.... :):) tee hee!

Blood test came back negative. Definitely another month of fertility treatments. Aaron had one good thing to say--- at least I'll never have to go back on the pill. :) I hated the pill, so this is a good thing, I guess! See, there really is a silver lining to every cloud.

Ethan has taken to telling me things and then asking me if I understand him. Example: "I'm going to slide down the stairs on my stomach. That's my choice, do you understand me, mommy?" I have to laugh inside every time, because it's an echo of myself. You see, as an early childhood teacher, I am a big advocate of NOT saying "Ok?" at the end of a sentence. As adults, we understand that the "Ok?" means, "do you get what I'm saying?" but children do not. So anytime I tell Ethan something, such as "Ethan, get me your shoes and then you can have two orange tic tacs," I never ever (well, hardly ever) say "ok?" at the end of the statement. Instead, I end it with, "Do you understand?" when necessary. Because if you end a request or a direction with "ok?" you are unwittingly giving that child a choice. They could tell you, "No, it's not ok." and what are you gonna do? By saying "ok?" at the end of a statement, you gave them a choice that you didn't mean to give them... by ending the statement with "do you understand?" or something similar, you are getting across the fact that you want to know if they comprehend what has been said to them. SOOOOOOO..... after this long um, lecture, you can see why it amuses me that my child has taken to asking me if I understand.

Hmmm... Aaron's shooting people again (GAME!!!! SHOOTING GAME!!). Law and Order SVU comes on in three minutes. I might go watch it upstairs. In my jammies. In my bed. With my cats. Haven't decided yet. :)

Don't end your statements in "ok?" to a child. You'll end up getting frustrated when they answer the question as they perceive it... not as you intended it!

That's all folks!

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I think I get it, ok?