Monday, September 19, 2005

Monday, Monday

So we just finished watching "How I Met Your Mother," and may I just say that the show has potential. Aaron thinks that the character of Lily (Alyson Hannigan aka Willow) is me on the television. Perhaps, perhaps! :) And any show that has Neil Patrick Harris, well, it's gotta be good. I used to dream of Neil Patrick Harris rescuing me from the HELL that was middle school when I was in 7th grade. I didn't call him Doogie (Howser, MD) in my mind. No, he was "Neil" and he was going to drive up to the school and take me home in a limo, and then take me to the 7th grade dance, and show all those pretty, mean girls who he was in love with. Hey, a 12 year old's allowed to dream, right? :) Sigh. Thank goodness I never have to be 12 again.

In other news, I had to have a blood test today. There is some uncertainty as to whether or not I am actually not pregnant. This will all be cleared up tomorrow, so I'll keep ya updated. :)

Bought Ethan two new games tonight, since he's been on a games kick. We got him Hi Ho Cherry-O and Cootie. We had fun playing with him tonight. I love family time.

Hmmm.... think that's it.
Tip o the day to ya:
Don't tell your preschoolers to run on down to the bathroom.... they will run. Say what you really mean, and mean what you really say. :):)


sarah cool said...

i was watching this show at the gym and I SOOOOO thought the same thing as aaron, and i wasn't even hanging out with you at the time! :) :) :)

Clio said...

Good luck on the pregnancy test! Too bad it's something you can't study for, eh?
Not sure I like Alyson's new show yet- I'm still sad she wasn't Willow and it wasn't Buffy. Alas.

Jenette said...

I liked the pilot, obviously, clio :) I adore Alyson, even more than I do Sarah Michelle Gellar (and my Sarah Cool!!!) so I'm glad to see her on the television again. Someday, maybe they'll do a Buffy movie... oh wait.... they already did that.