Friday, September 23, 2005


Battlestar Galactica is on.
Have you seen the show? From what I gather from Aaron, it's actually a re-imaging-- not a straight remake, taken the same concept but have interpreted it differently. Anyhow, if you haven't seen it, you should have. Unfortunately, tonight is the Summer Season Finale. It takes a hiatus until January. When it comes back on, catch it, Friday nights at 10 pm. Of course, you can probably catch the re runs, I dunno. I have TiVo... I never worry about what time things are on anymore... the TiVo catches what I want, and poof! The clock doesn't exist any more.

So anyhow. The week is done. It felt like the week dragged on for me, and I don't really know why. Did anyone else feel that way?

I really don't have anything interesting or enlightening to say. I'm kinda blah tonight. I feel like having popcorn, but you see, I had fried ice cream from UDF (United Dairy Farmers, for those who are not in Cincinnati) So popcorn shoulnd't be an option, ya know? Not to mention, my tongue taste buds are a little sore... I went through a whole 25 pack of Big Red in the past 24 hours, and sometimes the cinnamon burns my mouth. STOP LAUGHING!!! It's true. And sometimes, if I'm licking ice cream, my tongue gets frozen and I have a hard time talking. I have oral sensation issues, I know. STOP LAUGHING! Sheesh. Some people. You know who you are, don't you???

Tomorrow's a busy day. I have to go to the post office, I have to drive to Cincinnati-proper, we might go to the Apple Festival in Lebanon, going to the Reds game tomorrow night with friends. Does that take care of the whole day? OH! And I have to go shopping for Aaron's pressie for our anniversary. 7 years on Monday. Wow! I can't believe I've been married for SEVEN years! We're going out on Sunday night for our anniversary, since it's the only night we can get a babysitter, due to marching band schedules. :) Can't wait til Ethan's a band nerd and I can be a band mom!
Whoa-- that paragraph went all over the place, didn't it??? Eh, oh well.

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Josh Jenkins said...

Cinnamon burns my mouth too. It happens with some people. Early in my life I could eat packs of Big Red but not now. I like the taste but it literally scalds my tongue, mouth etc. I tried eating a bunch of those cinnamon mints restaurants give out when you leave and my tongue was numb for like 4-5 days. Pretty bad stuff.

Since then, I've notice other foods that my mouth is sensitive to. Have you tried eating a ton of raisins? I wonder if we all share the same food issues. Try chewing 2 small boxes of those lunch/snack-sized raisin packs and get back to me. Don't just swallow - chew. I still eat 1 box a day because I like them...but my mouth feels raw for like 1-2 hours after.

Oh, Sour Patch Kids - eat an entire pack of these (chew them good). The sour additive will numb my mouth for nearly 4-5 hours.

It is odd to think about all this because I can eat 2 handfuls of jalapenos and be fine (except for my stomach of course).

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