Sunday, October 09, 2005

Cecilia, Mighty Huntress

Isn't it cute? Fluffy, full cheeks, bushy tail, and beady little eyes. Quick as the dickens, so don't ask me HOW my (fat) cat Cici (Cecilia) caught not ONE, but TWO chipmunks within 48 hours. The first one was a lost cause, cold and dead by the time Aaron found it on Saturday. The second one, now that's a story. Sit back and prepare to shake your heads at our silliness.

So, I came downstairs after changing into comfy clothes for my Sunday afternoon of reading the latest Jeffery Deaver book on the newly placed couch (which is a whole different story, and I may share it with your later....) . I sat down on the couch and had just found my place again when I heard an odd "mrrrow." I looked up, and there was Cici, standing at the door. I got up off my tush to let her in, when I noticed the chipmunk in her mouth. I called to Aaron, because I was concerned it was the dead one he had disposed of yesterday. Guess what? It wasn't.

Cici let the chipmunk loose for a second to "mrrrow" at me, and the sucker dashed behind the wood box. Aaron didn't want it to die behind there, so he told me to shoo it away. Well, I shooed it alright. Right into the house. Right into the waiting paws of Joe and Carl. Well, Joe and Carl don't really have a developed hunter's instinct, so they just sat there as the chipmunk ran under the recliner. Joe did hunker down and try to touch the chipmunk, but he was a little afraid of it. So I guarded the recliner while Aaron got a bowl to trap the chipmunk under. Only, his fabulous plan of him lifting the recliner and me putting the bowl on top of the chipmunk did not work so well... the recliner is on a pedastal, and the chipmunk was on the pedastal part... so as Aaron lifted the recliner, the chipmunk simply tilted with the recliner. So then we resorted to trying to shoo the rodent out into the open. We did that for about 5 minutes, and finally, it came out and dashed for the open door. It went out, only to encounter Cici again. I managed to distract her long enough for it to run away. I figured it was on it's own after that.

Well, wouldn't you know, about two hours later, I heard Cici "mrrow" again... and there she was with the SAME chipmunk. I thought for sure it was dead this time... but it WASN'T!! It was rather stunned, however. Stunned enought that it let me wrap it in my shirt and carry it away from Cici. Would you believe that the ungrateful little thing tried to BITE me? Ha! I managed to shove it under the deck, where it scurried off. Cici was so proud of herself that she let me pick her up and praise her for being a mighty huntress. I plopped her inside, and wished the chipmunk a safe Sunday afternoon, with my cat now inside.

I think I'll save the couch story for another time. :) This one took a long time to write, due to interferences from my child and husband, who kept trying to force food on me... if I say I'm not hungry, I'm NOT! Have a nice night!


Martiel said...

Cool, you bought a new sofa! Replaced the futon. Futons are so college days, of when you move out for the first time and have no furniture. We had a wood futon low to the ground, as a first sofa/bed back in 2000. We have upgraded since then. LOL Good to here you have leveled up in the sofa world.

Cute story on Saving Mr. Chipmunk! Very visual, it seems like a Three Stooges moment.

sarah cool said...

Dude, if that chipmonk was dumb enough to get caught twice in 20 minutes, then you know what... the survival of the fittest law might just be appropriate in this case, as cute as chipmonks are...

When I worked at the Coffee Emporium, we had squirrels sit on the back porch, and (sshhhh) we would feed them... we found out why this was not an excellent idea when one day, a squirrel decided to come INSIDE the tiny little shop and be fed. It was chaos, sheer chaos.

Love you, girl! Lets go get some non-caffeinated drinks at the CE. :) :) :)