Saturday, October 22, 2005

Perhaps the Looney Bin Has an Opening?

Oh dear. Where to start? Today is Saturday. Typically I stay up late on Friday nights, as it is my only night of the week to be a night owl. Last night was no different. I stayed up rather late, reading, chatting, watching the Fresh Prince of Bel Aire.... Anyhow, I ended up falling asleep on the couch, woke up around 6 am, and stumbled up to sleep in my bed.

The next thing I knew, it was 9 am, Aaron was making his morning trip to the lavatory, and my bladder was screaming. Soon to follow was Ethan yelling, "Good Morning!" Hey, the kid slept in til 9 am, I'm IMPRESSED!

I had dreamed of pancakes with sorghum syrup all night long. I dreamed that I wandered from room to room, picking up pancakes that were perfectly golden brown, with just a light glaze of sorghum on them. I rolled them up and ate them as if they were going out of style.

So I made pancakes for Aaron and I. Ethan eschewed pancakes for the ever so nutritious Waffle Crisp . Good stuff, makes the kid smell like waffles all day long. Much easier to deal with tantrums when he smells good. Oh, and he had milk to drink, and an apple to munch on too, for those nutritionists out there. :)

After the pancakes, we decided on our agenda for the day. Aaron wanted to look at buying a new digital camera, so he wanted to go up to the Sony store at the Jeffersonville Outlets. (More on that LATER!) I wanted to clean the house a little, and get some chores done. So we made our game plan. Straighten house, drive an hour for outlet shopping. Good game plan.

Only, when I was coming back upstairs from starting a load of laundry, my heart began to beat very fast, and I got a bit short of breath. Dizziness was soon to follow. I laid down on the stairs, because I literally could NOT move any more. I called to Ethan to get Daddy. After a few minutes, he did. Aaron helped me to a chair, where I sat for a while. I was a little loopy for a bit. Couldn't move my arms because they were too heavy. Couldn't focus on what was being said to me. Not so good. So I laid down for a bit and let Aaron and Ethan clean the house for a while. Ethan earned 50 cents for helping Daddy above and beyond the call of duty. The kid is three, and he was dusting today. :)

Anyhow, around 1:30, we decided the house was good, we were all showered and dressed... time to think about getting out of the house. I mentioned to Aaron that perhaps we should attempt to let Ethan have a short nap. Oh No. Father Knows Best. "He woke up so late, he'll be ok." HA!

So we wanted Taco Bell to nosh on while we went shopping. So Aaron pulled off on route 42 off of 275, which advertised a Taco Bell. Only we must have passed it, cause we spent the next 25 minutes taking a detour, the scenic route to 71 North. Nary a Taco Bell did we pass. Aaron knew where he was, so I sat back and griped under my breath about being hungry, and that he should have listened to me to turn around 15 minutes ago.... pleasant, I was.

Oh! And did I mention the muscle spasms? I started getting muscle spasms that kinda made my whole body twitch. You know how you get those? Yeah, well, mine were all over, for about ten minutes. Kinda worried Aaron. Kinda felt weird for me.

FINALLY made it to a Taco Bell. Ordered our food. I don't like onions. I requested no onions. Ethan doesn't like onions. He requested no onions. We both got onions, and Aaron totally got the wrong thing. After he got the mixup of the order straightened out, and I scraped Ethan's onions off his bean burrito ( I could live with mine...) I started to enjoy my burrito supreme. Then I bit down and felt something slide past my teeth that was NOT normal for a burrito supreme. It was a long curly hair. I wanted to puke, but instead, went up and asked for another burrito. The guy who made the new one wore gloves and had very short hair under a hat. No hairs for me.

Got back on the road. Made it to the outlets. Only to discover that the Sony store is NO LONGER THERE!!!!!!!! I grumbled quite a bit. Maybe more than quite a bit, I don't really know. So anyhow, made the best of a stupid situation, and bought some Christmas pressies. All the while, combating an over tired child. Remember, Daddy said he didn't NEED a nap.... uh huh.

On the way home, at 5 .20, someone fell asleep in the car. Three guesses. Yep, Ethan. I let him sleep, because it meant that I could grab a nap as well. I slept peacefully until one of the songs on the Depeche Mode cd woke me up with a very odd intro. Then I grumped at Aaron for about 15 minutes about not listening to me about our child's needs for sleep. Again, I was pleasant.

Made it home. Ate dinner, which was fend for yourself left overs. Ethan ate four courses, starting with cheese, moving onto cantaloupe, then to the roasted chicken, and then finally to a crescent roll. A very "C" dinner.

Aaron then offered to go to the grocery store. Alone. To get things for a dinner tomorrow. I kinda went ballistic, and accused him of trying to get away from me, and making me be a single parent on the weekend, when he knows that I'm exhausted.... I slammed our bedroom door and turned on the tv. Beaches was on. Near the end, when Hillary is about to die. Oh my. Aaron timidly knocked on the door and asked me what all that was about. I told him, "There is something wrong with me... I forgot to take my zoloft yesterday, maybe that's it! "

He got THAT LOOK on his face (you know the one, where they want to say something, and want you to KNOW that they're holding back) so I pulled his hair and told him to go ahead and say it. He didn't. So I cuddled into him, and said, "I think I've been a bit moody today." He said, "Maybe a little." And we all went happily to the grocery store. Except Ethan, who had a tantrum in the middle of the store. And then took a break from crying. But he resumed as soon as it was time to pick out jammies at home. Fun!

Anyhow. Maybe there's an extra room in the looney bin. Anyone care to join me?

No comments of sympathy for my husband. Those will be treated with contempt.

And now I have to bake cookies. And try not to kill anyone.

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Martiel said...

Jenette, just blame the moodiness on your pregnancy! It ended up ok, making cookies in the end, sounds like? That is always a comfort activity, it is hard not to be happy while making cookies!