Saturday, December 31, 2005

Goodbye 2005

I'm sure I must seem quite old right now, as I say that 2005 has FLOWN by! So many things have happened. Quick review:

January 2005: My grandpa died. I discovered how good my friends were, when my childhood best friend offered to drop everything and come to the funeral with me if Aaron couldn't come because of a trial. My other friend, Elizabeth, became my rock, the person who kept me from drawing into myself and away from others. Every day at lunch, she would come get me, so that I didn't sit at my desk and cry by myself. And other friends.... what a simultaneously sad and sweet way to start 2005.

February 2005: I had my birthday and a party, to celebrate life rather than death. I love birthday parties these days. Took me many years to learn to enjoy them. :)
March 2005: Nothing much, I don't think :)
April 2005: Not a whole lot
May 2005: Aaron's birthday. School ended. My second year at my dream school ended with me resigning, to find a job closer to home. A 45 minute commute wasn't much fun, even though I loved my job. Sadness abounded. Leaving my old job was very hard, since my assistant teacher and I had grown closer and Elizabeth was just across the hall.
June 2005: SUMMER VACATION!! Time for Georgia!
July 2005: SUMMER VACATION! Georgia and South Carolina!!Started infertility treatments.
August 2005: Ethan turned 3. New job at new school started. Closer to home, Ethan came with me. So lonely at first.
September 2005: 7 year anniversary with Aaron.
October 2005: Halloween--- Ethan REALLY got it this year. :) I got pregnant. Puked a lot around halloween!:)
November 2005: Thanksgiving. So many thing to be thankful for.
December 2005: Holidays. Visiting. Shopping. Hosted Christmas dinner. Georgia and Florida.

And now 2006 is almost here. I don't have any resolutions. I don't have any life changing revelations to share. I'm eager for what the future brings, but am not awaiting anything with great anticipation. :) Oh wait, except for June! New baby!!! :):) tee hee!


Misfit Hausfrau said...

Happy New Year!

Martiel said...

Month of July you meet us! Two new friends and we have fun hanging out with you guys! Let's hang out soon in 2006, Cheers to a New Year where each month will be exciting!