Tuesday, January 03, 2006

While You Were Gone:

Dear Jenette,
While you were gone, here is what happened at your house.
  • All the newspapers were delivered.
  • All of the expected mail was delivered.
  • The cats only got locked out of the food and kitty litter room for 24 hours once.
  • The cats only left you one present under the tree. It smells.

While you were gone, here is what did not miraculously happen at your house.

  • The dishes did not unload themselves.
  • The laundry did not fold itself
  • The puke clothing you left in the bathtub for lack of a better place did not wash itself.
  • The cats did not have the decency to clean up their own feces.
  • No one undecorated your tree, or put away your Christmas decorations.

Just thought you should know what goes on here at Casa De Jenetter. The lady of the house is a little bit nuts and writes herself little notes like this quite freqently. Anyone scared yet? Yeah, the looniness has to come out somehow, or I'll go completely round the bend! HAHAHAHHA!!

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