Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Naked Artichokes

A friend and I were having a nonsense conversation last night. And one of his statements was something to the effect that naked artichokes were taking over D.C. I responded by saying that we needed to get some paper towels then, and he called for butter. Does this tell you anything about how insane I am-- and my friends?

But today, that comment has been in my head all day. And I keep picturing artichokes a la Veggie Tales taking over D.C. It's quite comical and has made my day very enjoyable. I think Big Idea should make a movie with artichokes in it.

I am insane, aren't I? Ah well.

Artichokes to all! Leeks to none!


Misfit Hausfrau said...

Aww, but I like leeks!

Thanks for the kind comments on my blog a few days ago! By the way, I agged you for a meme!

sarah cool said...

mmmmmmm, I LOVE artichokes! happy new year, my dear jenette!!

Ashley said...

Yummy artichokes. I love your randomness-it makes me happy that others are so like me.