Saturday, January 28, 2006


Some of you may recall that we were scheduled to have our ultrasound yesterday, Friday the 27th. We did indeed have the ultrasound, and saw our beautiful baby, whom we think is a boy. :) We were able to see the body, a hand, and lots of bone structure.

However, when we went in for our follow up, the doctor gave us some devastating news. Our baby is missing his kidneys and his bladder. The amniotic fluid is also at 1 cm, as compared to a normal 16 cm. All of this is indiciative of Potter's Syndrome, which as the doctor says, "is incompatible with life." The chances of our baby surviving more than few hours after birth are non existent, if the diagnosis is correct. Even if it is not Potter's Syndrome, there are still some serious health issues that we will have to face concerning the baby. The low amniotic fluid at this stage in the pregnancy is not something that is good.

We have a specialist's appointment on Tuesday. They will do another ultrasound and possibly an amniocentesis. The doctor also said that they will want to do some genetic testing, as the cause of this syndrome is still unknown. It is extremely rare, and the one thing that is known is that nothing that Aaron or I did caused this.

Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers. Also, keep Ethan in those thoughts and prayers. He is so excited about his baby, and we're not sure how much to tell him. We intend to go into family counseling to know how to communicate with each other. So thank you to all of you who have been with us on this journey and who continue to be with us. :)


Bryan Murray said...

Will keep you guys in my thoughts and me if you need anything.

Chad Burdette said...

Praying for you guys


sarah cool said...

Oh my sweet Jennette - I love you. I'm sitting here right now and going to pray for you when I hit publish. If you need a last minute babysitter for Ethan during any of this, please call. I'm not so far away.