Thursday, February 23, 2006

A la la la

I can't help but sing or hum, ya know? I just got partnered up with another class for naptime, and the teacher I'm with said to me the other day, "Jenette, do you know that you either hum or sing with the lullabies constantly?" This was an observation, and when I told her I would try to pay attention and stop, she said that it was ok, she didn't mind listening to me. She just didn't know if I was aware of it. And you know, I'm not.

Music is such a part of me. I make up songs for the children on the spur of the moment that people think are legitimate songs. I sing to the Hethan all the time. I tap out rhythms when I'm bored. I don't care what I'm listening to on the radio, as long as I can either sing to it, or let it flow over my being. It's just a shame that I don't have a lot of formal music training, or a lot of NATURAL musical ability. I'm a music lover and an amateur musician.

The Hethan has strep throat. He's downstairs watching Veggie Tales as I sit her and recuperate from two nights of, "Who's gonna get me some water?", "I hurt, Mommy," and numerous other sleep interruptions. Of course he's better after 14 hours of antibiotics. Which is good. I just wish I had his stamina.

I've been going to bed at 8 or 9 this week. Aaron thinks it's a sign of depression. I think I'm just exhausted from being back at work, which I LOVE.

OOOH--- speaking of which--- does anyone watch Good Morning America? If so, what do you think about the Mommy Wars segments they have been doing this week. I have my own opinions, but I'll wait to hear some of yours before I write a whole new entry about such things.

Anyhow, despite the daily comments of "Miss Jenette, your baby died," "Miss Jenette, do you miss your baby?" and "I hate you!" (Guess whooooo??? Bingo! Ear Wax Boy!) I find it refreshing to be back with my students. Of course, I'm home today with the Hethan, but such is life. :)


Anonymous said...

For a whole Laundy List on the mommy wars topic visit Friday Playdate, between the post and the comments you will have your answer.
Hope everyone is feeling better soon!

Misfit Hausfrau said...

I'm glad to hear the antibiotics are kicking in. Now you need some rest!

Always Ashley said...

I saw your comment on Chad's blog about Aaron's bread--his beard totally throws me off-I'm like AH Aaron has facial hair. LOL

Catie said...

Hey Lady.....

Any leads on Florida for the summer??

Love you!

Cmommy said...

Jenette, I went back to teaching my kindergarten class after 5 weeks off when Sara died~~those little ones can be a huge comfort and a kick in the stomach, all in the same minute. I do think that teaching and being connected to the kids helped me during that time. I hope that your job will continue to bring you joy--I wish you were Jordan's teacher!

Music~~YES! If I could play the guitar or piano, life would be even yummier.

keep writing, you do it beautifully...hugs, C

Kris said...

every time i see title of this post it makes me think of my brother's 'captain underpants' books. i believe his chant is 'tra-la-la' or something, but that's what i think of. sad but true, i have read lots of the 'captain underpants' series. it's funny. check it out for a laugh.

lisa said...

I think you're an amazing musician. You can always find harmony, and you play flute insanely.