Tuesday, March 28, 2006


They say Spring is on the way this week. I hope so. I'm chomping at the bit to get outside and DO stuff! Dig, plant, clip, plan....I have great plans for my side yard--- I just have to figure out which plan we should go with. Raised garden beds? Terraced vegetable garden? Just till and plant? What about the drainage issues? And then! What to plant? Veggies? Berries? Both? Lots of stuff? Sigh!I love it!

But for today, it is another dreary rainy day. It's good for preparing the soil. And it will make working in the gardens easier this week...but so not good for rambunctious young children in the house.

Not a whole lot to write about. Ear Wax boy was trying today. My two kindergarten kids are foiling my attempts to teach the younger children how to read. I had to stop them from answering and sounding out words with the younger kids. :) See, not a lot. I'll post interesting things later, perhaps.

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sarah cool said...

Ooooh, raspberries. :-) We can pick them and make pies!