Monday, April 24, 2006

All Good Things Must Come to an End

And so, it is the last night that I am in Estrogen House. I must say, it has been an enjoyable experience. And now, I really do think that I need a night or two with my mama, so Mommy, if you read this, yes, a night on the Trail would be good... my knees will make it if yours will. We'll figure out a time that we can do that, SOON.

It has been fun with the two girls. We've watched cheesy chick flicks, done our nails, discussed theatre, old movies, eye candy, clothing, and have even managed to get in a few serious discussions. I cannot say that I am one of those people who wonders what "this generation" is coming to. Between my time with these two girls and my time spent with my teenagers in Sunday School and Bible Study, I have such a good opinion of this generation. Intelligent, articulate, funny, sensitive, caring, compassionate, reliable, responsible--- all words that I would use to describe any of the teenagers that I have the priviledge of interacting with. Life is good.

And today, I got to go home and use the electric hedge trimmers. That was the highlight of my day. Ok. Maybe not. But, my grand idea was the highlight of my day. See, we have some forsythia bushes that have gotten out of control, kind of taking over the side of our house. I kept thinking, "I need to get out a ladder and trim those suckers." But, see, I'm afraid of ladders. Just a bit. Just a wee bit. Yeah. Kinda get a little nervous. Dunno why. So, as I was becoming more and more bothered by the sight of the forsythia brushing against the library window, it dawned on me that I could go open up the window and trim the forsythia from INSIDE the house!!! So that's what I did! And I didn't cut the power cord! And I didn't cut anything except for what I was supposed to. And I didn't massacre the forsythia. (I was on probation from the hedge trimmers.... I get a little overzealous with those things on occasion-- one of my boxwoods still hasn't recovered completely from last year's trimming)Anyhow. Combine that with the fact that we have the roto tiller from the in laws, and my outdoor season is about to COMMENCE!!!! I've weeded, thinned what needed to be thinned, fed and babied plants, and now I am ready to do MORE!!!! YAY!!!

Ok. Off to check the weather, to see if Hethan and I are going to the zoo tomorrow. Love those zoo passes.


Emily said...

You are afraid of ladders yet you climbed the side of a small mountain at Helton Creek! You are nuts! But I love ya anyway. Oh and by the way - the picture of you trimming shrubs from INSIDE the house now that made me chuckle!

Jenette said...

A.T. here we come...No Netter, you cannot bring the hedger with you:) did you keep any of the branches you cut? they are easily rooted and would look good along your fence in the open area. love ya, Mom