Friday, April 28, 2006


I miss having my own computer. I really really do. I am so spoiled, for so many reasons.

Our evening started around 6 pm tonight. The neighbors came over and we all ate pizza and drank beer and Mike's. Then we got all the kids bathed (the kiddos were having a sleepover here at our house) and played some Tri-Versity. For those who don't know, Tri Versity is a card/word game. Don't play it against me. I'm ruthless. I've got a wide 3-6 letter word vocabulary. I can make words with "Q" and "X." Yeah. I kicked a**. I won by 225 points. I rock. Oh yeah. :) Ok, so it was fun.

Then we delved into the familiar territory of all couples-- issues that couples have. We talked about money, who is the spender, who is the saver. I'm the saver in our marriage, always have been, always will be. Talked about housework--- who does the bulk, and who is underappreciated. Talked about stuff, desperate neighbors, jobs, etc. All while enjoying beer and Mike's. Twas good. Twas fun. Twas needed.

Ear Wax boy told me that he hated me today. That I was stupid. Screamed at me to shut up. Grabbed my arms. Told me I couldn't make him sit in time out. Oh yeeeah. Aaron and Angel (neighborfriend who was over tonight and who also works with me) said that they don't know how I keep from losing my temper with him. Dove's Dark Chocolate. That's how. Mmm....

The Hethan and his little friend, Laurel, discovered Dove Dark chocolate today. They likey, darnit. Sigh.

Tired now. Blog no makey sense. :) Ok. It's not that bad. :) I'm just tired and want to go to bed so I can work out tomorrow. Addiction? What addiction???? :)


Chris said...

One of these days I'm going to take you up on your game challenges! Just remember, if you can't prove the word doesn't exist then it does! I'd post more, but at this hour I seriously doubt anything additional would make any sense...then again, when do I worry about making sense!

Cmommy said...

Just so you know, M&Ms are cheaper than Dove chocolate :-) (but I likey them both!) I should have bought stock in the company many years ago. :-)C

Kris said...

i guess if you are going to have addictions, might as well have two that cancel out :) (the more you work out the more chocolate you can eat, right?)

by the way, dove's are great, especially dark, but a few months ago i was totally 'seduced by the dark side' of m&ms....loved the dark chocolate m&ms. then they disappeared, and i was very disappointed. now they took away my cinnamon dolce hot chocolate at *bucks, and now i am going to have to find some new loves.

Emily said...

I have to know how in the world did you type this blog entry Friday night? Aaron did it didn't he? Because I talked to you on the phone...I know how you sounded!!! Heh Heh. Love ya

Always Ashley said...

mmmm Dove dark choc. kinda makes a girl purr. Oh and caramel hershey kisses.

That game sounds neat-I love Lingo on the game show network, where you have to figure out the 5 letter word.