Friday, April 21, 2006

Woe, oh Woe

Sigh. I took my computer to the laptop hospital on Tuesday. It is still there. Probably hasn't even been seen yet. Probably still sitting in the waiting room. Typical emergency room service. The ac jack HAD to come undone from the motherboard. I feel naked without my computer. I can't lesson plan--- I have to write them out by HAND!!! And my news intake has dropped dramatically. I have to use Aaron's ancient and SLOW computer. Double sigh.

Let's see. This week. I have new freckles, thanks to the lovely weather outside. Well, now it isn't so lovely, but earlier in the week. You understand? My shoulders hurt from lifting weights this week. My knees feel funny, but we're really not going to go into that, are we? It's as I told Lisaish--- if I go to the dr, they're just going to tell me that there's something wrong and make me have surgery or other stuff... and then I can't work out. And I think we may all know how addicted I am to working out these days. Seriously, if it were really bad, I would go to the doctor. I promise.

I think I'll post in tonight. I am in a mixed mood, and a lot of it has to do with loss and changes. So if you want deep reading, check that one out. If you want light and funny me, keep reading.

Now. Light. Funny. Hmmmm... the pressure's on. Well. Tonight, I'm "babysitting," if you want to call it that. I get to hang out with two incredibly wonderful teenage girls for the next few days--- they don't need me, but their parents feel that it's good to have an adult in the house, should it catch on fire or something else, you know? So tonight, Youngest Teen and I got ice cream, girl gossip magazines, fingernail polish, and High School Musical on Disney. I feel so girly. :) It's so fun. I look forward to tomorrow, when I get to reconnect with their neighbors, two WONDERFUL young men that I nannied for, way back when they were kiddos. Now one is in college and the other is a Junior in high school. Oh my! I'm in this home til Tuesday morning, and it is a welcome change from my household, where I am outnumbered by males-- two human and two feline. Cici cat and I are woefully outnumbered.

I have no interesting commentary for the week. I would love to get back to posting more often. Unfortunately, well, you know where the laptop is. So you understand?

Have a good week!


joy said...

When I call Gma and get the answering machine, it still has Dad's voice on it...and sometimes the tears well up. And many times I want to talk to him and get his advice on what to do, and there is no answer. Talked to Kim and Kris this last week, they are both saying to get Mom to the hospital. You know Mom, she doesn't want to go. Sometimes it feels very alone here, and not when I am wanting alone time. When does the grief go away? I don't know that it ever does entirely. I think that it might not be a good thing if it did. But most of the time we function, we have to keep on keeping on if we are to be true to God. I miss my daughter, I want to come north and just get a hug. I can't. Want to run away together for awhile? Think your knees would hold up for an overnighter on the Appalachian Trail? I want to be around someone I can just cry with who doesn't pat me on the shoulder and say "it'll be ok", who will just cry with me.. The world is piling in again. I love you and miss you and miss hearing your voice. Schedule?, what schedule?, every time I think about schedule, I keep thinking about Dad telling us his schedule for dying. So then I take comfort in remembering WE have no schedule except that of our God...

Martiel said...

hope your laptop is feeling better. :) sounds like you and the girls had a fun girly time. It is fun to catch up on girl time and giggle for no reason, and paint toenails, and to walk around the house with a mask on with out scarring the husband. lol :)