Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Aaron and rambles

My husband informed me that my poetic skills leave something to be desired. Even though I rhymed. Hmph. Blah to him!

Speaking of my husband, he is fantabulous! He got us tickets to Spamalot! Tee hee!
And he runs out to get me a milkshake at 10 pm from Steak n Shake.
Life is good.

Sarah cool requested funny stories... Hmmm... I'm trying to think of some--- my life is actually an exercise in comedy, but alas, nothing comes to mind right now. Of course, there's not a whole lot in my mind right now. Something about pregnancy stealing brain cells.

Pregnancy is going amazingly well. I'm almost scared by how well it is going. I'm 14 weeks along now. The kidneys are either functioning or they're not. We don't know yet. We'll find out at our next ultrasound, which will probably be in a month or so, I guess. I'm getting bigger and my neighbor friends think I look adorable now that I've broken down and started wearing maternity clothing. I was holding on to those size 8s as long as I could, I tell ya!

Ok-- that's an amusing story. I have been rubber banding my favorite jean capris shut for about three weeks now. I love them. Well, I went to the hometown football game last Friday with my friend, Jenni. I was find as long as I was standing up... but when I sat down, my tummy would hurt and it felt like terrible gas. Eeewww.... So... finally, I reached under my cute maternity top and undid the rubber band. And then I un zipped the zipper. Jenni laughed at me and told me it was time to break down and get into the maternity pants. I vehemently denied this, saying that my butt still fit into my size eight capris. She countered with something to the effect that not a whole lot else did. Hmph.

I miss my friend Melissa right now. My sister, Kris, has been staying with us for two days, and she and Mel are so similar. I might have to call Mel or email her. When I remember and am not exhausted or rushing somewhere.... :):) I LOVE YOU, MEL!!!

And I've been thinking about Mindy Mae a lot too. Min, you called last week, no cell signal, but I've been meaning to call you back and share some giggles with you! :)

Ok. Off to see what the child is taping up. He loves scotch tape right now. Cheap. Easy. Sticks to your butt and you don't know it. But that's another story for when I have more time.

Til next time,
The Pregnant, Hormonal, On the Verge of Tears, Crazy, Scotch Tape Covered,


Chris said...

I'm glad to hear things are going well. It's been awhile...

...just be thankful Ethan hasn't discovered duct tape yet!

Chad Burdette said...

get E into collecting comics and he will have constructive ways to use scotch tape as he bags and boards his issues...

I feel like a loser now ;-)

Chris said...

You should Chad, you should!

Anonymous said...

Ethan prefers Scooby Doo comics right now, but as he tends to enjoy ripping the covers off as soon as possible, I wouldn't really call him a collector....