Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Ode to Emily

Oh Emily Susanne,
tan of complexion, blue of eyes.
You never fail to make me smile.
Your words of truth,
your sarcasm so witty,
heck, you're even pretty.
Text messages galore,
silent communications,
giggles behind our hands,
conversations interspersed with:
"Hold on, I have to yell at a child,"
and heartfelt girl talk--
all of these I love about you!

Emily told me that I was slacking on my blog. Yeah yeah. Something about taking that trip to Georgia, traveling, being pregnant and a wee bit tired, all of that made it harder to write. But preschool starts next week for Ethan, so I will be able to update more regularly when he is at school. I hope. Because I love writing in my blog.

So Em, are you happy?

Stay tuned faithful readers, until next time.


sarah cool said...

I am very happy! Kudos to Emily for forcing you to DO OUR BIDDING! :-)

Details on the baby? How is the fam? Funny stories?! All sorts of things I want to know!

Emily said...

Once again my saying rings true..."when you find something you are good at you should stick with it!" Thanks for the blog entry. You made me smile!
Love ya

Chad Burdette said...

About time I have something to read...

Hope things are going well down South

Anonymous said...

Netter,thanks for being here while I was gone, Doug thanks you too. Call me daughter, love you, Mom