Friday, September 01, 2006

Carl the Juicy Cat

Ok, so you all know about our three cats? Cici, Carl, and Joe? Cici is a bit odd, only likes me and stuff like that. Joe follows us when we are outside, takes walks with us, that kinda thing. And Carl loves to be affectionate in the bedroom. Seriously.

So, last night, Aaron and I are laying in bed, talking. A cat jumps on the bed. Right away, we know it is Carl, so we both hide our hands. Carl will physically lift your hand off of the bed so that you can pet him. If this doesn't work, he will head butt you on the forehead over and over. Carl constantly has a cold, wet nose. We don't know if it is snot or what. So you have to decide which is worse-- being headbutted and possibly getting cat snot on your forehead or the constant petting. I usually break down for the petting.

Well, as we are giggling about how we are hiding from Carl, he suddenly shakes his head violently. And we are sprayed by either cat snot or cat drool. I don't know which. We both buried our heads under the covers and laughed for a while. That's what we get for not petting the cat!

He's the juiciest cat I have ever met, seriously!

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