Sunday, November 19, 2006

Margarita Jell-o

I don't drink a lot-- well, I don't drink at all now that I'm pregnant. But even before then, I would enjoy a Mike's Hard (mmmmm) or some wine, and every now and then when Aaron felt like making me one, a home made margarita. I must confess, it is the margaritas that I miss the most. Aaron makes a fabulous one, using fresh limes and yummy stuff.

So a while back, when I was thinking that a margarita would be a nice thing--- but not a good thing at this point, I saw that Jell-o made a margarita flavored jell-o. Can I say fantabulous? Of course, not as salty as the real thing (that's probably good, considering it is jello) but still satisfies that craving for something lime-ish. So, if you like the taste of margaritas, but don't want to drink, can't drink, or something else, go buy some margarita Jell-o.

Every time I type Jell-o, I hear the song in my head.... :):)

Big week this week. We're having a heaping ton of people over for Turkey Day. Let me count--- including our household, there will be 24 human beings in my house for Thanksgiving dinner. Now, to be fair, four of those humans are are 5 years old and under. Three are 16 years old and under. Still gonna be a ton of people, but I'm looking forward to it...

Ok, off I go to vegetate for the last time this week. Tomorrow, the house scouring and grocery shopping starts in earnest! :)


Anonymous said...

I remember you liking Long Island Ice Tea if I do recall. I don't think that they make that in Jell-O though. When I saw the post title, I thought that you were making Jell-O shots. Sounds nice, but who has time to relax around here?


Chris said...

I hope everything went well with your Thanksgiving dinner. I decided to head to Portsmouth for the week. I'll give you guys a call when I get back to Cincy. Talk to you later.