Saturday, November 25, 2006

Turkey weekend!

Quick rundown:

We hosted Turkey Day. Had a total of 22 people. Food was good, company was better.

Hung out with my brother Jon and sis in law, April on Friday-- they were in from Georgia. Explored Jungle Jim's with them. Fantabulous, but we know that, since we love going to Jungle Jim's.

Lazed around.

Ethan started throwing up at 2.30 am. Stayed up with him til 6.30 am, when I relinquished parental duties to Aaron. Tried to sleep.

Ate donuts, saw Jon and April off, cried a little.

Helped to blow leaves and pile them by the curb. Watched the boys of my family ride bikes for a while.

Ate leftovers. Now off to watch Tom and Jerry with the kiddo!

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