Friday, February 02, 2007


Ahh, friendship.

I just want to say that I have been blessed with some of the greatest friends. I cannot name them all, but, just to name a few....

Melissa B, who remembers the date with no reminders. And calls to check up on me.
Mindy, who leaves phone messages every other day that make me pee my pants with laughter.
Mimi, who, in spite of her own hectic life, comes with her son to hang out with me and my son!
Amber, who checks to see if I want to go swimming, as well as checks on me frequently. And she is a fabulous listener and so much more!
Hilary, who makes me laugh and astonishes me with her concern for others, when she should be taking care of herself!
Queen Elaine, who gives the best back rubs and listens without judgement.
Melissa P, who comes and picks up my son so that I can rest and nest!
Angel, who is a neighbor/friend beyond compare, when she's not knocked out with sickness!
Heidi, who calls and begs to be allowed to do things for me--- saying that I can't turn her down if she's begging! :)
Emily, who is the most amazing person on the planet. Really.

And those are just the ones off the top of my head!

There are more, you know!
Sarah, Charity, Jenni... oh my gosh, if I name them all, I'll be here all night.

Just know that if I call you friend, you are so appreciated, more than you'll ever know.

Now go pray and send good thoughts my way, hoping that my contractions are not going to progress and that we'll make it another 15 days! Off you go!


Amber said...

Awww...You're truely a wonderful friend to have. I always enjoy your company. Easy to talk to, a good listener, laugh all the time, are sarcastic, can teach me stuff I don't already know, inspiring with your child rearing advice/leading by example. Hope little lady holds tight 15 more days. She deserves a grand and "planned" entrance ;) Amber

Anonymous said...

it was fate...destiny...kismet?? (what is kismet??)...serendipity...and most definately planned by God. you were just what i needed in the fall of 1999 (and many times since!) and i didn't even know it yet! i'll love you forever!