Friday, June 01, 2007

10 Things you may not know about me

1. I have cute ears.
2. I like the Kill Bill movies.
3. I am a good actress.
4. My two childhood nicknames (and what my family and close friends still call me) are Jet and Netter.
5. I'm not as outgoing as I appear to be.
6. My idea of a fabulous time is to curl up with a book, a cat, and a blanket.
7. I have a tattoo. I might get another.
8. I strongly dislike having my picture taken. But I'll ham it up for the camera any time.
9. I have curved toenails. If I don't keep them trimmed, they'll grow into my skin.
10. My hair is the exact same color as the star of color around my pupils.


Queen Elaine said...

11. I LOVE Elaine's Margaritas
12. I have ugly feet
13. I've been told I'm weird
14. I pretend I like cats. When no one is around, I kick cats.
15. My hair on my hair matches the hair.....never mind.

tee hee hee....

Jenette said...

16. Elaine is a brat, but I adore her. And I need to drop off her cooler, so it stops cluttering my garage! :):) tee hee!

Queen Elaine said...

Yes you do. You were supposed to drop it off Thursday. I needed it for Friday you naughty girl.

jaavaajunkie said...

tatoo? what tatoo? let's hear more about this tatoo... :) I know exactly what you mean about hating having your picture taken but hamming it up anyhow.

jaavaajunkie said...

btw, did it bother you that I mispelled tattoo so many times? lol

BlitzKrieg! said...

yeah... according to your loveable brother, you forgot a nickname there, dear...CHEVRON. lol

Anonymous said...

that settles're definately going with me to get another tattoo!...i've heard the word come out of your mouth a whole bunch! so we're off to see Fudd. yup. Fudd. Fudd the tattoo guy...he's awesome...he tattooed chad's hammer toe! i'm sure that won't get fat if chad ever got pregnant...something to think about! i'll do something on my upper back...bringing "sexyback"...get it???....get it?!? speaking of butt tattoos...oh...i'll tell you later!