Sunday, June 03, 2007


My big brother Jon is a dork. Now, to be fair, I have about 6 brothers. Mark, Jon, Blake, Derrick, Doug, and Devin. Jon is my brother who is only a year older than me, and the only one that I grew up with. Someday I'll write a blog about my wonderfully blended family that I have been blessed with. But right now, this one is about my big brother, Jon.

Jon, who has taught my son to call me Chevron. Jon, who has given me more Indian Burns than I can count. Jon, who has tickled me til I peed my pants. Yes, my brother is a typical older brother in so many ways. A typical male in so many ways.

But let me tell you how he isn't typical. My brother, my big, strong, brother--- he can admit it when he's screwed up. How many men-- no--- how many people-- do you know who can own up to their mistakes? Most of us are far too proud to admit our mistakes.

So yesterday, I called my brother. My heart was hurting, and sometimes, the only thing that makes me feel better is to hear Jon's voice. It also helps that Jon has been through some pretty rough times in life and has come out the other side, stronger and wiser. So I called him to ask him some questions about his marriage and his happiness level within his marriage. As I've said before, he and April are sweet as sugar to one another most of the time. But their sugar sweetness only came after my brother left April for a few months. He moved out, spent some time on his own, realized what an idiot he was, and moved back in. April, being the strong and prayerful woman that she is, let him move back in, and they worked on their relationship. Their sugar sweetness is real. It is hard earned. It is glorious to see.

When my own marriage was suffering, breaking apart, I cried on my brother's shoulder. (This is a lifetime thing--- I've probably whined more to Jon than I have to anyone else on earth.) I listened to what he had to say to me, took it to heart, and buckled down to work on my own marriage.

I'm so grateful for my big brother. Are we the sort of siblings who talk daily? No. But then, I don't talk to many people other than Aaron daily. The people whom I cherish most (other than Aaron and the kids) are, sadly, the ones I speak with the least. But they are also the ones that I instinctively understand and that instinctively understand me. Jon and I are not mushy siblings either. Ok--- I am. I've got enough heart and emotions for ten people, as you may have noticed. But I know my brother loves me. I know that should my world come crashing down, he'll be there for me to help me pick up the pieces. Just as I will be there-- whether he wants me to be or not--- to help him pick up the pieces if his world crashes.

I know my love for my brother borders on hero worship. There isn't anything I don't think he could do, if he put his mind to it. There isn't any situation I don't think he could handle. Though he doesn't consider himself to be a people person, there isn't a person in this world he couldn't charm, if he wanted to. My son adores him and has since the moment he laid eyes on him-- when he was about three weeks old. They say that children are good judges of character. I think it says a lot that TPJ calls Uncle Jon his best friend and his buddy. Don't you?


Queen Elaine said...

I have 6 older brothers too - I DID grow up with all of mine - unfortunately LOL! I get to see the youngest of those 6 in September for the first time in 19 years.

Hope your heart is healed today sweetie! Call me if you need anything.

Anonymous said...

I hope you're feeling better after talking to your brother. I have a sister like that..that I adore and can always make me feel better. Take care! Kathy

BlitzKrieg! said...

Well, needless to say, that brought tears to my eyes; happy tears for all the nice things you said about Jon, but, at the same time, my heart grieves for the situation we both have in mind. I will continue to pray for everyone affected. Love ya...