Thursday, June 07, 2007

All Day Long

I've been walking around with my shirt on backwards all day long. I just now noticed. The situation is hereby rectified. I used to do that a lot as a kid. I remember Grandma used to check my shirt nearly every day, because nearly every day, I had it on backwards. And that was when tags were actually little pieces of fabric in a shirt, instead of being stamped on the back like they are now! I can totally understand how I put shirts on backwards now. Totally.

Starbuck gave me fits last night. The Pantless Jedi had a nightmare around 1 am. Starbuck fussed every other hour. I think I got 4 hours of sleep. But it's all good, cause I'm going to P.F. Chang's tonight.

I misspelled "gator" today. I spelled it "gater." Thanks to Meems for pointing that out. There are so many reasons I love you, Meems!

I look good in black.

My glasses have some rather irritating scratches on them. But they look so darn good on me. Who cares if I get a headache from wearing this pair??? At least I look good.

I found the boots I was hunting all over the house for, all winter. Just in time for summer. When I can't wear them. Because they're calf length boots and I'd die of heat exhaustion.

Pacifiers are meant for babies, but there is something rather soothing about having one in your mouth, when your daughter is yanking on your hair, arching her back, and screeching in your ear.

I miss cereal. Being lactose intolerant SUCKS!!! Toast just doesn't cut it in the mornings. And freezer burned pancakes, even when liberally coated with sorghum syrup, don't make the grade either. I miss cereal.

This stream of consciousness was brought to you by Jenette's lack of sleep, Starbuck's screams, and TPJ's whines.


Amber said...

Fun day..hehe!

sarah cool said...

You look good in EVERY color!

Mimi said...

PF Changs. Yum.....

Queen Elaine said...

when you fixed your shirt, did you have two big lump shapes on your back? hehehe..

fidelia33 said...

I got 2.5 hours of sleep today if that makes you feel better. Of course I work night shift and have a 10 month old all day and she didn't want to nap today. Hence the 2.5 hours of sleep. She was scream too. Children are such a blessing!

Anonymous said...

Jimmy has a kindred spirit! He put his shirts (and sometimes pants) on backwards almost EVERYDAY when he was younger. Drove me nuts! It still happens occationally. Now it's Emily's open fly (constantly) that's bugging me! I hope you get more sleep!!!!!!!!!Kathy I.