Tuesday, August 21, 2007


QE, try opening my blog in Firefox. It works better than Explorer. And it doesn't mess up my template.

Mimi assures me that I sound better today. I am going to choose to believe her. I don't feel better. I think a large part of it has to do with still getting up once a night (at least) to feed Starbuck, who is also coughing through the night. And then TPJ woke me up around 2 am last night because he was scared. This was just after I got finished soothing Starbuck around midnight. I think.

I have this theory that rest would really help my body get better.

In other news. Wait. There isn't much other news. It's a dry week. A dry day. Well, figuratively. Not literally. Ugh.

The Eating Machine, one of my daycare kids, amuses me so. Even if she has just finished a meal, she wants what you're having. Quite amusing. She follows me around like a puppy when I have food. I eat my lunch in stages. Some with the older kids. Some with the younger kids, and then a bit while I'm doing damage control after lunch. TEM is always underfoot, hoping for just one more morsel.

Ok. Off to get Starbuck napped.


sarah cool said...

Oh, Jenette, I love you!

Mel said...

Your voice sounded hot today. You should start your own phone line....