Monday, October 29, 2007

Oh, Mozart

She's dead. Dead by a passing jackal or some other predator. And just after she and William found each other. Drat the Whiskers for raiding the Commandos on the day that William took her back to his clan.

She was such a resilient girl. Leaving the Whiskers, forming her own group, only to have Kinkajou take the role of Dominant Female. Having a miscarriage, then finally having babies of her own, only to have her sister cruelly murder them. Losing all seven members of her group, being the sole survivor. And now she's dead.

Who the heck? Mozart from Meerkat Manor!!! I love the show. My heart broke today when I watched my TiVo'd episode. As William searched for Mozart and found her body lying in the sand, oh how I wanted to cry. But I kept my tears inside.

That's all I have to say. My heart is heavy for Mozart. And though I know it is the cycle of life and death in the Kalahari desert, I still ache for this promising young Meerkat, struck down before she had a chance to realize her potential. She could have been as strong as Flower, I think.


BlitzKrieg! said...

Of course you can play the Wiiiiiii at Thanksgiving!

Queen Elaine said...

Err....if you say so.

Weirdo :p