Wednesday, November 07, 2007


It has been a WEEK! Or two.

Starbuck is teething. Oh joy. This is coming on the heels of her ear infection. Fun. And she's climbing. In fact, she climbed into her car seat, tipped it over, and split her lip. Yep. Looks terrible. Like I beat her or something.

TPJ spent the weekend camping with friends. In a camper, lest you think it was too cold for him. He came home filthy, smelling of wood smoke and hacking with allergies. Amid many great protests, we bathed him, and wa la--the allergies stopped and our clean boy emerged.

The past two days have been particularly stressful. Starbuck wanted me to sleep with her Monday night. To the extent that she woke up EVERY time I tried to get her into her crib. And cried. And cried. And cried. I ended up cuddling her all night. I know, I know, fostering bad sleep habits, blah blah. But her gums are hurting and she just needs comfort. And by golly, she'll get it from me. On Tuesday, I went downstairs and discovered Carl the Cat laying in his own filth, meowing piteously. I rushed over to him, saw that he was frothing and drooling and knew something wasn't right. He couldn't even stand up.

Called my daycare subs and friends. Got Carl to the vet. Had to leave him there as they got his body temp back up to normal and rehydrated him. Worried alllllll day, figured he was a goner. Talked to the vet about our options. She suggested that we bring him home, nurse him a little to see what happened. Got him home. He HOPPED out of his basket and went behind a chair. He had recovered muscle use!!! I put him back in his basket, just to be safe. Don't want cat pee everywhere. He hasn't moved unless picked up since, but he's voluntarily eaten a little. Still hasn't taken any water, so I'm going to have to force him today.

Which explains why I am downstairs, typing at 4.24 am. Had to check on Carl and make sure he wasn't in need of a towel change or something.

And now, I'm going back to bed for about two hours. Thanks for reading. Sleep overcometh.

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A. Jupiter said...

Poor Carl. Hope that he is feeling better soon and not following Karl just yet.