Sunday, November 25, 2007


We got in from Georgia last night around 2 am. Took us approximately 6.25 hours. Good time, good times!

We brought something back with us from Georgia, something we weren't planning on bringing. We have added a new member to our family, bringing us to 4 humans and 4 animals. We are accustomed to animals of the feline persuasion, but we are not accustomed to animals of the canine persuasion. Nevertheless, we have adopted a beautiful little puppy, who shall hereafter be named Maggie Snowflake. Snowflake was the name she came to us with, and I decided that she looks like a Maggie---plus, the whole Simpsons naming thing in our animal family...

I've not had a puppy since I was TPJ's age, I don't think. It was an interesting experience last night when we got home. I gave Maggie a blanket with a heating pad under it, right next to our bed. But she wanted to be cuddled with me, so I slept for part of the night on the floor, next to her. I have no idea how to go about training her for the house, so I'll be heading to the library today for dog training books. As soon as we hit the pet store for some food, collar, leash, etc. Oh, and I have to look up dog licenses for our area. She sure is a lot of work. But she sure is cute, too.

I think Aaron's waiting to use the computer, so off I'll go to shower. And clean up any mess Maggie has made. :)

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