Friday, November 16, 2007

Updates Galore

Jen--The Grocery Game is also known as Teri's List. You have to pay a small amount, but in return, Teri compiles a list of what's on sale at your neighborhood grocery, along with what coupons to use and how many of each item to buy. I log on every Tuesday, browse through the list, and print out the items that I need. Then I go through my massive coupon collection, find the coupons I need, and head to the store. We have had to buy a shelving unit for our basement to hold all of our extras. The concept is to stockpile while things are on sale so that you don't ever have to pay full price for anything. LOVE IT!

I think Carl Cat is on his next life. The cat has seriously undergone a personality change since his brush with death. He's letting kids pet him. He's getting up on tables. He's cuddling. I'll take the changes, if it means we get to keep Carl for a while.

Word of Advice: Don't let your 16lb cat sleep on your head. Makes for a killer neck ache in the morning. Cici is immovable in the middle of the night. My poor neck.

I'm going crazy with my job. It's not the kids--I have some of the best kids. It's that I don't get to leave my house. I'm exhausted, I'm cranky. I don't like this. Aaron and I have been talking about me finding a job outside of the house, preferably one with insurance. Right now, we pay for our own insurance and it's a whopping 550.00 a month. That is a rough payment some months. But so much depends on Starbuck. I want to be able to watch over her. And I don't want TPJ to be stuck in daycare after school for a long time. So I'm praying and searching for the right thing to do.

Weight loss going good! I've made my goal of 5 lbs before Thanksgiving.

Sigh. Baby crying now, sentence fragments abound!


Queen Elaine said...

I don't think you ever have to worry about ME letting a 16lb cat sleep on my head :P

Good luck with the job hunt. That's a tough decision sweetie!!

Andromeda said...

have you thought about kindermusik or some type of music class. a lady down the street from me is trying to start a kindermusik class. might be a good mix since you like teaching and like music