Tuesday, November 13, 2007


I'm such a cheapskate.

I bought a treadmill yesterday. At Goodwill. For seventeen dollars and fifty cents. I rock.

My brain hurts. Too much going on up in my brain.

Carl is still with us. Though he's acting a bit weird. Jumping up on tables, meowing constantly, allowing children to pet him---all very un-Carl-like behaviour. However, I'm willing to overlook such behaviour if he will only stay with us, in a healthy manner. :)

TPJ got his ants for his ant colony today. Do you know how I feel about ants? Despise. Ok, no, that's a bit strong. I have such a vivid imagination---I can feel ants crawling on me. It creeps me out. I had them crawl on me once, in south Georgia. Icky fire ants. Ick. Anyhow, I agreed to this ant colony. And it might be highly interesting. But so help me, if they ever escape and decide to come swarm my toes, I'm banning all creepy crawlies from my house, forever.

I think Starbuck might be weaning herself. I've been meaning to get aggressive about her weaning, especially since she has teeth now. But somehow, it's been hard to give it up---emotionally, physically, etc. Today, however, my pretty little girl would have nothing to do with nursing. She only wanted the bottle. She nursed just enough to get my milk to let down (takes a whopping 5 seconds) and then demanded the bottle. I guess I can deal with this. She's eating so much re

I love the Grocery Game. Teri's List. Whatever. It has saved us sooooooooooo much money in the past 6 months! I have food and other items stored up to my ears. This week, we spent under 70.00 on groceries. AWESOME!!! Other weeks, we may spend as much as we usually do---but get twice the amount of groceries. WAHOO!

I'm tired. Muy tiredo.


jen said...

What's the Grocery Game?

Queen Elaine said...

I tried the grocery game and just found it too confusing. Maybe you'll have to show me where I'm going wrong!!